Boys Golf

Sam Wallevand, Photographer

With Spring sports starting up, what do the Boys Golf have in store? But why does someone choose golf instead of say, Baseball? After interviewing one of the members of golf, I found out a lot about why they chose golf. he said, “I have grown up around golf, so it was only natural for me to play it.” When asked about what sort of training it takes, he responded with saying that it doesn’t take a lot of training, and that they have started doing team workouts in the afternoon. But it does take training to train your swing to become good. Golfing seems interesting, but is it fun? When asked this question, he responded with, “Its pretty fun, as the team atmosphere makes it that way. We all get along well and we have fun.” But what about competitions? Most people know that Baseball, Track, and the other spring sports competitions are unique, but what are Golf competitions like? When brought up with this question, he thought for a bit, and responded. “Competitions are pretty much what you expect. You arrive to the course early, practice all areas of your game, and head out of the course. At the end of the competition, the teams top four scores, out of six, are taken and the team with the lowest amount of strokes wins.” After learning about this, the next question was how he thinks this years competitions will go. His response was, “I think that we will do well. The team has finished in the top five the past few years for sections, and I don’t view this year to be any different.”