Farmington Girls Softball going to State


Abbie Griffin

The Farmington Girls Varsity Team has done it again.  They took over the section games and are now attending the State Tournament in Mankato this week.  The Tigers had a great season, ending the year with a record of 14 wins and 9 losses. The Tigers went to state two years ago, and this weekend they are hoping to take back the title of being the state champs.  I got the chance to talk to a player on the team this week about going to state. When asked about a certain turning point in the season to get the team onto the winning streak that they were on, Junior Morgan Ebel said “Our turning point was at the beginning of sections.  We had a little bit of a rough mid-season, so when sections came around we were ready for the next season where nothing else mattered anymore.” When I asked Morgan to describe this season in one word, her answer was “Grit”, and I would have to agree. Throughout the season, each girl has shown great passion and perseverance to get them to where they are now.  No one ever gave up after an error was made in the field, or after a strikeout at bat. They played as a team, believing in each other and being each others biggest supporters both on and off the field. We are all so excited to watch the girls take on state with their first game against Stillwater this Thursday, June 6th. The last thing Morgan told me about was their pre-game rituals that they plan on continuing during the tournament, and that was their goals for the game.  Good luck Tigers!