Senior Spotlight: Tess Blomster


Kaitlyn Wall, Writer

Many students don’t realize how much of an impact core classes such as English have on their day to day life. The sports and extracurricular activities excite them and sometimes they don’t see the importance of learning in the classrooms and tying your hardest all the time no matter what class it is. I met with Tess Blomster, a senior this year at Farmington High School, and asked her a few questions about her English experience during high school. She gave very good feedback and explained how English and other main subjects has truly helped her grow as a person. Out of all the classes she took in high school, Tess said that her Creative Writing class was one of her favorites. Mr. Doyle taught Creative Writing and she says that “He was very laid back with his teaching but he also was there as a resource for any sort of question we had and he always found a way to give us an answer”. She really enjoyed Mr. Doyle and his enthusiasm he brought to Farmington High. When asked what she enjoys most about the school, she answered with her love for the teachers and all they do for her and the student body as a whole. “I enjoy all of the teachers here at FHS, many have taught me valuable life lessons I enjoy my classmates and the work I produce”. Tess would like to thank her teachers and all they have done for her both inside and outside of the classroom. She has loved these past four years at Farmington and has also been very involved with the community as a football manager and very involved in her studies as she graduates in the spring and heads to UW Stout in the fall of 2019. She is very excited about graduating, but also sad about leaving the great community she has grown up in and furthered her learning over the past 18 years. We can’t wait to see her accomplish even more than she has at Farmington High School and in our community!