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What is Farmington Band?

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Today I’m interviewing in Anna Singewald of the Farmington High school Band. She has been in Band since the age of eight. She is very committed  and hopes to carry it throughout college and into her real life.  How long have you been participating in band? “Since 8 years old it was a big part of my life in elementary school and I’ve carried that through out High school.” How has band affected you as a student and a person? “ Band has taught me discipline and perseverance and I’m very grateful that I stayed committed. Band has taught me so much about myself and also what I’m interested in. I think Ben has told me many principles that I incorporate into my every day life and couldn’t be more thankful for.” Tell me a little bit about your final concert and what that will mean to you. “I am very sad for my final band concert it’s certainly going to be bittersweet but I’m very thankful for the memories that I’ve made throughout the years in Farmington band.” How do you personally prepare for a concert? “Usually before a concert I go on a 15 to 20 minute run to relieve myself of all nerves nerves and just relax myself before the big night, My family and I also have a nice dinner to make sure I have food in my stomach and it’s always fun.” Tell me a little bit about your instructor. “ He is a very effective band teacher he always brings a great energy to the room and shows the entire band that he truly cares about them. He is an instructor that follows through with his word. He has had a huge impact on my ability to love band.” 


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What is Farmington Band?