How has Link changed your life?


Morgan Ebel, Junior Editor

Brendan Ebel is a Freshman at Farmington High School, he plays football, basketball, and baseball.  On the first day of school he was apart of the 2018 Link program. Link is a club at FHS that volunteers to help the incoming freshmen feel safe and comfortable at the beginning of their highschool journey.  Ebel says, “I was a little nervous on the first day, as is everyone else just a little bit. But the Link leaders and coordinators really helped.” He describes his first day as being, “Fun, energetic, and just an overall good first day.”  Ebel’s favorite part of the whole day was breaking up into the small groups because he got to meet new people that he hadn’t ever known before.

Link is a very unique program, it changes people’s lives.  The people involved in it invest their time and are genuinely great people to be around.  Ebel says, “You can tell that the coordinators and the highschool leaders actually wanted to be there and help us, I honestly think that they might have even been having more fun than us.”  

Brendan was asked if Link had been a positive influence in his life.  He responded with, “The first day of school and the follow up days really helped us freshman. There are just some things that we can’t figure out by ourselves and our Link leaders were always there to give us the unwritten rules of high school or of course if we had any questions they were always there to help.”  Ebel says he will definitely apply to become a Link Coordinator just because he thinks the cause and reason behind all of it is very important and beneficial.