New Link Coordinator, Mr. Paul


Morgan Ebel, Junior Editor

This school year was a first for many incoming freshmen, as well as a first for one of our own teachers.  Mr. Paul is one of the art teachers here at Farmington High School, he teaches ceramics and painting. From what I have heard around the school he is definitely one of the favorites among students and colleagues.

Paul decided to join Link Crew as a Coordinator this year.  For those of you that don’t know, Link Crew is a club of upperclassman that take days out of their summer to train for the first day of school where they welcome the incoming freshmen.  They do a bunch of inclusive activities that help the new students feel safe on their first day of high school. Paul said, “I was apart of Link Crew when I was a junior and senior in high school.  I saw firsthand the results that it has on the school and I wanted to be apart of it.”

So far Mr. Paul is enjoying every part of Link Crew at FHS.  He says, “It’s been awesome, I’ve met so many more students that I would normally never have met.”  He also mentions that his favorite part were the training days that were held before summer with the Link Leaders.  Paul got to meet and interact in a fun educational environment with many new faces.

Link Coordinators here at Farmington get to see the effect that Link has on the school.  Paul says, “The program helps garner a safe environment for any and every ninth grade student.  It eases the transition from middle school to high school.” Link is a great club to be apart of and Mr. Paul was unquestionably the perfect person to add to the staff.