FHS Link Crew’s Amazing Race

Morgan Ebel, Junior Editor

On September 17, 2018, the Farmington High School Link Crew put on an insane event for the week of homecoming.  I talked to Ms. Snobeck, one of the Link Coordinator’s to learn a little bit more about Link and the Amazing Race.

Ms. Snobeck has been a Link Coordinator for 8 years now.  She says “the cause behind Link is something that I stand for as a person.”  The club’s purpose is to give back to the community by helping the high school’s incoming freshman feel safe during the start of a new chapter in their lives.  Link also helps organize events throughout the year for students to take part in.  The Amazing Race is one of the events that Link puts on each year.

The Amazing Race was first started at Farmington High School in 2012.  It was Marianne Feely who came up with the idea.  Feely used to work at FHS but retired last school year.  She organized all of the events of homecoming week, the logic behind it was to keep kids out of trouble.  There are now activities for students to participate in every night of the week. The Amazing Race has become an annual event and takes place on Monday nights of homecoming week.

This year there were 22 teams engaged in the Amazing Race Monday night.  Ms. Snobeck describes the Amazing Race as, “a crazy, out of control scavenger hunt.”  Students put together teams of six and everyone gets a list of teachers.  They must run around the school to find each teacher and complete a ridiculous challenge.  The first team to accomplish all of these challenges is the winner. The 2018 winner of the Amazing Race was Team Rise and Grind which included members of the Farmington Boys Cross Country Team.

2018 Amazing Race Winner, Team Rise and Grind