Respect Retreat


Miles Mendes, Writer

On November 7th, 2017, 9th grade students at Farmington High School went on a respect retreat put on by the people at Youth Frontiers. While they are there,the main purpose of the trip is to help the youngsters participate in are friendly activities, to help you meet new people in high school.  This is a great opportunity for the 9th graders to connect with each other, and learn, while they have fun listening to music, building better character traits, and getting a chance to participate in small group speaking. Some people also get a chance to say what they are going to do in their communities. This 5 and a half hour  program helps students learn the values of being a good person in school, and in the community.  I talked to a student that went to this fantastic program, and here are some things he had to say about it; “It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed meeting new people while learning a lot about myself and  also learned some new character traits that will help me in the real world.” I got the opportunity to talk to another student who went on the inspiring retreat. When asked how the trip went through his eyes, Hunter Hessa said, “There is a lot of in depth conversation about improving character traits, while having lots of fun, he said it went like a blur from having so much fun.”  After hearing about what the sophomore students from Farmington that went on the trip last year had to say about the retreat, I talked to Paulina Montbriand (a junior) who wish they had the chance to go on this exquisite trip.  She said, “From an outside perspective, this journey seems like a really good opportunity to meet new people and also learn about what respect really means”.