Ryan Huling, Student Conductor


Sam Wallevand, Photographer

Ryan Huling is a Senior in the band program, and was the Section leader of the the Buba section (Barisaxaphones, Tubas, Bass Clarinets), and was also the student conductor for the Symphonic band during the concert on November 13. He conducted the musical piece called Sea Songs by Ralph Vaughan Williams. He participates in Boy Scouts, Wind Ensemble, and plays the Beast in this years play, Beauty and the Beast. For his Eagle Scout project, Ryan built two drum cabinets general music room at dodge middle school and an auxiliary percussion board. He had a ton of fun building them and planning them out, because he was passionate about it, being in band. When asked about him conducting the band, he said, “It was different for me, but it was fun. It is good being out of my comfort zone.” It was mostly teaching the students that was more nerve wracking. Ryan wants to go to a four year college and double major in Musical performance and Political Science. He wants to continue his profession of music because band has been a big part of his life. And Political Science because it’s a field he enjoys and encompasses many types of jobs, such as being a Journalist, working for the government, and becoming a lawyer.