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Lili LeDuc

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Have you ever got into a hobby because of someone? Well I have, it all started when my aunt Heidi started taking photos for G.B. Leighton. I never really knew that you could take such amazing photos with a digital camera. When she would come to my house she would bring her camera to show us photos that she had taken of the band. I was so fascinated on how much you can do with just a simple camera. When I got to 9th grade I knew a lot about the camera and what you can do with it. That year for Christmas I asked for a camera and I ended up getting a Cannon Rebel T5. My aunt had picked it out for me because it was simple enough to where I can learn. One thing my aunt always says is,”you can always learn from photography”. It took me awhile to actually understand how the camera worked but my aunt has taught me so much. I hope to become a better photographer so then when I’m older I can pursue this hobby and maybe take photos for an event. I’m glad that I’m still learning about photography and hopefully I will stick with this hobby throughout my life.

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Lili LeDuc, Staff Writer

This upcoming Spring, Farmington Boy's Lacrosse starts in April 2nd. If you are interested in joining show up to tryouts held at the Farmington High School...

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