FHS Girls Track


Molly Curtis, Author

       Junior, Myiah Scott has been running in track for seven years and have been improving and getting better every year. Her favorite part about track are the meets and the people she gets to be in it with. Practices are very different, depending on the day, but they are typically hard. Everyone runs distances that would be similar to what we do in a race. Myiah is a sprinter so she usually does a max of 300 meters and a minimum of 400 meters and she does the set number of sprints from four to eight repetitions. Her favorite distance that she likes the most out of all of them are mainly the 100 meter hurdles, 200 meter run and the 100 meter open run. I asked her what she thinks she can improve on the most and focus on and she said she wants to improve the most on her form. Form is everything in hurdles so by improving form, it will cut down her time. To accomplish this, Myiah said she does a lot of drills. I asked her if she’s confident in her team and she said she is very confident in the track team this year because they have a lot of depth and talent. They’ve gained some new underclassmen who have been an amazing addition to the track team. They typically have one to three meets a week, some are invitational meets so it depends on your times. Their next track meet is today, Friday, May 18th. Myiah said that she is very excited to see what this season has for her. I also asked her what she does to stay motivated, she said “I focus on what I’m working towards, all of the big meets and competing against the best people in the state and how I want to be right up there with them when I am racing.”