Senior Spotlight: Keisen Sabol


Keisen Sabol

Mary Skochko, Staff Writer

Keisen Sabol is a senior at Farmington High School. She is involved in the National Honor Society, Student Council, Youth Teaching Youth, and lacrosse. This is week, I got the chance to interview Keisen to find out more about the lacrosse team and its new season. I was also curious to learn more about what it is like to be a captain for the team. Keisen believes that this new season of lacrosse will be amazing because their team has a very special bond with each other and once they get further into the season, she knows they will get even stronger. There biggest competition for this season will be themselves. Keisen said, “No team can beat us, unless we beat ourselves first.” It is really great to have a team that has a strong connection on the field and at school.

Being the captain of the lacrosse team is a major responsibility, so I asked Keisen how she got into it in the first place. Keisen said, “I actually started lacrosse because I quit hockey. I needed something to keep me active and some family friends pushed my parents to make me tryout [lacrosse] and it just grew on me.”  Keisen has been playing lacrosse since sixth grade and now she mostly plays defense or where ever they need her. Lacrosse has taught Keisen many things from leadership skills to basic life lessons. However, Keisen said the most important lesson lacrosse has taught her is how powerful a mindset can be. I asked Keisen what her goal is as a captain and she said, “My goal at the end of the season would definitely be to make it to state, but if I’m being honest my true goal this year is to leave something behind with the girls. We have a really young team and once the three seniors are out of here there isn’t anyone for them to look up to anymore. I want the girls to know what they’re doing and be confident in their leadership skills.” These are the words of a good leader, who cares not just for themselves but also the growth of others.

Keisen was committed to continue to play in college, but ended up changing her paths in order to do what is best for her education. A leader must consider all of the possible paths and consequences and Keisen shows how she has chosen her path.