Girls Hockey Update


Allison Voegel, Writer

Last Saturday the Girls Hockey team played against Burnsville and won 4-3. The Farmington Girls Hockey team has a record of 10-7-1. With only eight games left until sections, I had a chance to talk to senior captain Cassie Knutson about what her hopes for the rest of the season are. Cassie responded with “I’m hoping we keep getting better every game and make it to the state tourney”. Knowing some of the hockey girls personally I know how passionate they are about this sport, and how badly they want to not only go to the state tournament, but also win it. I then went on to ask Cassie another question which was “what do you and the team do to prepare yourselves for a game?” I loved what Cassie responded with because it really shows how close all the girls are and that even though they take hockey very seriously, they like to have fun with it too. Cassie responded to my question with, “Before games we tape our sticks together while watching JV and then we do our warm-ups. After that we stretch and I stick handle while some other people will roll out their legs or just stretch. Then we do a dance circle before we start getting dressed. Then while getting dressed we listen to music and sing. The last thing we do after ice warm ups we read a quote from a book about mental strength”. Hearing that from Cassie just shows how close all the girls are and how good they work together to be prepared and ready for each game. The Girl Hockey team has an upcoming game this Thursday, January 17, against the Irish at Rosemount ice arena, puck drop is at 8pm. Come out and cheer on the Girls.