Girls Hockey Gives Back


Mackenzie Oehlerking, Writer

On Saturday December 22nd the Farmington Girls Hockey team gave back to the community for the holidays. They participated in a town event at Farmington High School called Toys for Town. Toys for town is designed to help families who aren’t able to give their children presents for Christmas. Over the past couple months the town has been collecting various different items for various different ages of children. All of the things that were donated were put into a room at FHS. The Girls Hockey team were in groups of three and were given a family to shop for. After they were done shopping they then went into the commons at FHS and wrapped the gifts for their designated family. I sat down with Captain Jenna Gerold and asked her a few questions about the event. I first asked Jenna, “What age was your family and what presents did you find for them?” “My group had a 12 year old girl to shop for. “We found a Starbucks card because who doesn’t like Starbucks! We also picked out a makeup kit, and  some other little things.” I then asked her what her favorite thing about the event was? “My favorite part about toys for town was knowing that we were going to make a family’s Christmas special. Lastly I asked Jenna what she thinks the team should of learned from this event? After participating in this opportunity, our girls hockey team learned how to give back to the community in a positive way. I do think that every team should participate in this event. It is a great team bonding activity.