French Club


Kaydin Ruiz, Staff Writer

There are many different clubs at Farmington High School and French Club is one of them.  I have had the chance to talk to the club leader Madame Kothe and she told me a lot about what the French club is about as well as the activities they do. Madame Kothe has been apart of French club for 3 years now and really enjoys it. There are currently 22 to 25 people in French club right now.   French club consists of people that are interested in learning the French language and about the French culture. Twice a month they all meet and have hot coco and talk about the French language. They also have events where they meet and watch a French language movie, play French language games or make crafts. They also do fun French projects. Every once in awhile they have a event where they all get to taste French cultured food which is super fun and a really good experience. I asked  Madame Kothe what her favorite part of French club was and she replied “ My favorite part of French club is that I like to see kids making connections in all different grade levels and I like to see friendships in different grade levels too”. I asked her what her favorite memory was about French club and she said “ I have a hard time picking my favorite memory, there are just too many good memories to choose from.” In the near future the French club will be making a French craft. Madame Kothe wants to explore more countries and see where French is spoken outside of France. The French club is welcomes anyone interested in learning more about the french language and culture as well as doing fun activities like watching French movies, doing crafts, eating French food and meeting lots of new people.