Lauren Eccles- Trisport Athlete


Alex Harrison

Junior Lauren Eccles has been involved in three different sports in her high school career. Her sophomore and junior year she competeted in diving in the fall, gymnastics in the winter, and golf in the spring. Eccles has been actively involved in these sports and has grown to become a great leader and role model for other student athletes. She started gymnastics at just two years old at Farmington Gymnastics Center. She said the sport “just stuck” and today she continues to compete on the high school team. Last year Eccles also won JV MVP and has lettered freshman, sophomore, and junior year. This year she was excited to compete in floor in the varsity sections meet at FHS. This was also the high school’s first time hosting the gymnastics section meet. Eccles started golf in 6th grade when she joined a camp with her friends. She says she loved it and continued with the camp every summer. Then the next year she joined the high school golf league her freshman year. She lettered her freshman, sophomore, and junior year. Eccles joined the swim team in the fall of her sophomore year after working as a lifeguard at the Farmington pool where she was encouraged to join. After a few weeks of swimming, she tried diving and realized it was a better fit. After just a week and a half of joining, she competed in her first diving meet. Eccles continued to improve and impress everyone with how fast she had caught on. She eventually lettered in diving and competed at the sections meet last fall. With her impressive leadership and team spirit, she was voted to be a captian her senior year. Kali Stadler is a teammate of Eccles in both diving and gymnastics. When asked about impact Eccles had on the teams, she said “She was a positive impact on everyone and a very hard worker. She is great at motivating others and her team spirit is contagious.”