Taylor Webber


Brook Kruger, Writer

Meet Taylor Webber she is a junior at Farmington High School and a competitive cheerleader on Farmington Varsity Competition Cheer team. She has been cheering for 4 years, and on varsity for 2 years. Recently the Competitive Varsity and Junior Varsity cheer teams had left minnesota to go compete against other teams around the nation in Walt Disney World. This a big deal for all teams who go because you have to earn your way there threw all of your scores in your performances. I asked Taylor, What was her favorite part of nationals, How did she feel making it to finals, What are you most proud of, How did you feel about the new rules, and what are you most excited for, for next season.
Taylor answered what was her favorite part of nationals with “ My favorite part was performing and spending time with my teammates.” When interviewing other girls on the cheer team they have all expressed how close the team was this year compared to other years. There was a lot more trust and friendships than other years. The friendship really made the team more of one as you need a lot of trust to being able to trust people throwing you in the air and making sure you don’t hit the ground.
How did you feel making it to finals? Taylor said “It was one of the best feelings on the planet, our team has worked so hard for this and we gave all we could when performing it was one of our best performances all year. Then hearing the crowd cheering for us at the end was crazy, it was like fireworks on the 4th of july” This was the first time in 7 years the program has made it to finals. The competition goes just your normal competition, prelims, then finals. You have to be in the top certain number in your division to be able to move on. The varsity team ended up placing 12th in the nation.
What are you most proud of? “I am so proud on how far our team has come.” This team has come from multiple injuries falls and obstacles. There coaches Alexis and Michaela have pushed them to be the best they can be with inspirational quotes and wristbands they have had on there shoe since the beginning of the season saying “I am enough #fbdq”.
One of the big disagreements on the team where about the new rules and how they affected the team at nationals. One of the biggest ones where the athletes were not aloud to go swimming until all of their performances where done. Taylor said “ I wasn’t a big fan of the rules but I got used to them.” Not everyone on the team liked this rule because it has been a tradition for the team to go swimming together but at the end of the day the team got over it and just focused more on the competition and what they need to do.
And a final question what are you most excited for, for next season? “I’m excited to be a senior on the team next year and performing for one more year.” On the team next year there as of right now there will only be 3 seniors, so it is kind of a big deal it is there last year and last chance to make finals and win 1st and get a jacket. A season is usually around 10 months long so its technically a year round sport the athletes get a month and a half off after nationals before tryouts so they all try to keep in shape and work on themselves to be even better for next year.
This small varsity team of 11 people have come so far since the beginning of the season till now. They hope to place even higher next year and hopefully bring home a jacket. Let’s all wish them the best of luck on there next season and congratulate them on an amazing season.