Ryan Crosby: FHS Trapshooting


Courtney Cauchy, Writer

This year I asked a member of trap, Ryan Crosby if boys and girls can participate, He said “both boys and girls are allowed to participate.” Then I wanted to know how competition is scored ‘’every hit is counted out of fifty and missing is not a penalty it just doesn’t count and we compare scores against the other teams.’’ Ryan stated again. To follow along with the scoring part of the competition I asked if the competition is focused on the individual or the team. “A bit of both in a way of you try to help yourself and then in that way your helping your team.’’ He replied  How many students make up a team? ‘’ About 80+ people make a team.’’ How are conferences determined? ‘’ It’s like a lot of sports I believe it’s set by the MSHSl. Why did you join trap? ‘’ I joined trap because I love hunting, fishing and shooting guns. How long have you been in trap? ‘’ I have been in trap since the summer of eighth grade. What do you do in trap? ‘’You go to the meeting and then you get your shells at the first practice and then you have another week of practice then a reserve week which means that if it rains and there is lightning they take that score and plug it in for that week and then the season starts in the spring is about 8 weeks long and in the fall is 6 weeks long. What is one goal you’re hoping to achieve this year being in trap? ‘’ I am hoping to letter this year.’’ I talked to Ryan Crosby about how this year went he replied ‘’I got a average of 21 or higher so I’m pretty sure that I’m lettering up, everyone did really well and everyone tried hard, we had a lot of new people and those new people did very well and did their best.