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Getting to Know, Kennedy Alves

Mackenzie Oehlerking, Author

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Kennedy Alves is a freshman at Farmington High School. She is involved in hockey and soccer. I sat down with her to see how her high school experience is going. She said, “My high school experience has been awesome. It has been way better than middle school.” I then asked her what she thought the biggest difference between middle school and high school has been?” She responded with “I would definitely have to say the freedom and responsibility. You are held to a higher standard and you’re responsible for getting your work done outside of the classroom.” Next,  I asked her “How has it been managing your time between sports and school? She stated “At first it was really difficult. But, I have learned how to manage even if it means staying up late to finish my homework.” Then, I asked Kennedy what so far is her favorite part of High School? Her response was “My favorite part of high school has been the soccer season. The bond that I had with all of the girls was something that I have never experienced before and was something really special. I liked having the soccer season at beginning of the school year. It made my transition easier because I met upperclassmen before school even started. The upperclassmen on my team were very helpful with anything I needed the first couple months of high school.” Lastly, I asked her what was the hardest part of transitioning to High School? Kennedy said “The hardest part has been the workload and the difficulty in the work. In middle school I didn’t have as near as much homework as I do now and the work seemed easier.”  Kennedy is excited to see what the future looks like for her at Farmington High School!

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Mackenzie Oehlerking, Staff Author

Hi!  My name is Kenzie Oehlerking. I am a senior at Farmington High School. This is my first year in yearbook.  In fall 2019 I will be attending UW-Superior...

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Getting to Know, Kennedy Alves