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Getting to know Kiersten Adams

Brooke Kruger, Writer

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Kiersten Adams is a junior at farmington high school.  She is a great leader for many reasons. She part She participates in band, student council, and fall cheerleading.  Adams is a fall varsity captain! She helps lead the fall squad into success and has fun while doing it. She had decided to try out for captain because ” I thought I could really boost spirit and help teach others cheers and stunts.” Adams favorite part of High School is seeing and talking to her friends during the school day.  With her spare time she works at Hyvee, go to the movies with her best friend. So in conclusion Adams works very hard and spend time with friends at the same time while doing both she boost spirits and help other people succeed.

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Brooke Kruger, Staff Writer

Winter Cheer has been a huge success sense day one.  Basketball cheerleaders have to have spirit, be loud, and be on there top game. and that is what...

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Getting to know Kiersten Adams