FHS Girls Soccer


Cade Bowe

The Farmington girls soccer teams season is coming close to an end. With the second round of playoffs starting Thursday. Their record this season is 2-12-2, they have had a tough schedule this year with tough competition, and the team believes they are capable of much more than what their record shows. Leading the team this year are seniors Ellie Clayton, Belle Schaffer, and Emily Rubins. Their second playoff game is Thursday against  Owatonna. I sat down with senior captain Ellie Clayton and was able to ask her a few questions.

Whats the teams record so far this season and how is the season going?

“We have 2 wins, 12 losses, and 2 ties. We have had a really tough schedule this season, and havent had many wins but that says nothing about our team. We are a very hard working team, we make it tough for any team to beat us, and we give it our all every game. We believe we have just as good of a chance to keep moving on as any other team in playoffs.

What are your expectations and goals for the rest of your season?

“We are starting the second round of sections Thursday, my expectation for the rest of the season is to win our second round of playoffs and keep going from there. We want to prove to teams that our record doesnt show anything about us and that we are actually a very good team.”

Who is your top scorer?

“Our top scorer this season is Emily Rubins, she is a strong forward that helps out a lot with our team. I love playing with her, she makes everyone on the field better and shes also a great captain.

The game against Owatonna Thursday is a must win as the playoffs are a one game elimination for the girls.