Trick or Treat your way into these deals

Julia Hill, Writer

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Halloween doesn’t have to be stressful.

Halloween, Noun: Eve of All saints’ Day. How we see it: CANDY CANDY CANDY! But in fact Halloween has become much more than just a day for children to gain copious amounts of candy, with many companies wanting to make the holiday easier to celebrate, many money saving deals have been implemented. There have been traces of Halloween all the way to 2,000 years ago with the Celts and has continued on through the middle ages and to present time. Halloween has faced many transitions from beggar children asking for handouts in the middle ages to children wearing costumes and dragging their parents out for hours in the cold. As much as parents love their children, many would rather enjoy the holiday in other retrospects such as going out to eat or picking up food from somewhere, and no, this does not make a parent any less than one who would face the cold. Companies very well know that every family has different dynamics and thus came up with ideas to appeal to everyone for Halloween. With deals like kids under 12 with a costume at Applebee’s will receive a free meal, kids 12 and under can receive a free pancake at Ihop that they can decorate, and even one free kid meal at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. who could pass any of them up? If any of those treats weren’t enough, there is a whole list of different deals, freebies, specials and savings that are available to anyone (link below). Places like Hy-Vee even offer activities for kids to do coloring stations, cookie decorating and trick or treating throughout the store. Costumes, buying candy, and throwing parties can turn costly but these deals can save you money. Don’t let yourself be tricked, check out these treats and celebrate Halloween in a whole new way.

Link to all the treats, no trick:

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