Rogue Robotics

Nathan Kronbeck, Staff Writer


Everyone probably has seen the Farmington high school’s Rogue Robotics team in the news lately for building a wheelchair for a young boy, but I recently had the chance to go to one of their meetings. When I visited I realized there was much more to them than what appeared. I’ve heard of the team before and all of their accomplishments, and I thought the group was very well organized, what I didn’t realize is they do a lot more in the community.


I got to also see the family aspect of this amazing group, as soon as I walked in the door I instantly felt at home. Everyone was working together and knew each other by name, just showing up there for a day I made some new friends. I could tell everyone felt comfortable and was having a good time.


I wasn’t the only one to show up wanting to know more about Rogue Robotics, a small news crew called Nexx Gen also had heard of the wheelchair project and decided that the community needed to know more. They got to interview a few people of the group, but I got a more personal look into things. I was able to have everyday conversations about why the club members loved robotics and what their job was.


Nathan Cash was in charge of making sponsorship thank you’s, he made designing the template on Photoshop look easy. He was asking input from many people from the group like his twin sister Nicole Cash, who was also designing an amazing printout. Everyone had a job to do and everything was running just like a robot, if there was a problem they would work together to fix it.


I got to talking with Nathan Cash and I started asking him a few questions such as why the robot had lights on it, his response was “The lights don’t really do anything but they make it look cool.” Which I completely agree with especially when they made the robot dance and spin around in circles. The blinking yellow and orange lights added a very professional look and drew attention to the robot as a whole.


The amazing wood platforms and obstacles made by the robotics team Camille Schachtele tested the ability of Brandon Herrera and Alex Lyons, and the super smart freshman Alex Treakle was there to help solve any problems with the robot. From freshmen to seniors this club was all inclusive, I’m not sure if I’d call it a club because from what I saw it was more of a family. If you are more interested in the robotics team here at the high school ask your counselor or there will be a booth next fall.