Mrs. Laube Tells All


Jordan Keltgen

I got the chance to ask Mrs. Laube some questions about GSA and her perspective about GSA. She told me what this club does, her favorite part about the club and what she would like everyone at FHS to know about this club. My first question to her was, how many years has she been here and FHS, she said “I’ve been here for about 14 years, I coached here before I taught so maybe teaching for 11 years”. I then asked her how long she’s been the advisor for this club and she said she’s been the advisor for about 3-4 years, a follow up question to that was how long GSA has been a club here at FHS. She answered “It was a club before me, two moms used to run it so it’s been a club for maybe about six years. They used to have it folded into the diversity club but that just didn’t really work very well so that’s when they pulled it out and made it its own thing”.


After hearing that I was curious as to if the number of students attending the club increased over the years or not. Laube explained to me that it fluctuates but there is a core group that that stays about the same in the group. She said there’s usually about ten that are coming every week unless they have a special event like a special speaker come in then they might get closer to twenty students to come. She also mentioned there’s about seventy students in their Schoology page however she said most of them are just so busy that not everyone on the page can come. I was also curious if anybody could join this club Mrs. Laube told me that anybody can join, you could be LGBT or a supporter.


I asked Mrs. Laube, “What is one thing you think other people should know about this club?”, “I would say that they’re just very accepting, they are also very interesting people to get to know and to get to know their perspective on things. Especially because they experience life with a different lens and if you don’t understand it or never been around someone who is LGBT, it’s kind of true with anybody who is different than you that it’s good to be around them and get to know them, their perspective on what they think of things and why. That’s probably the best method of trying to understand, they would be very accepting and welcoming to anyone”.


I wanted to get Mrs. Laube’s perspective on what she thinks this club is mainly about, this is what she had to say, “I would say the club is mainly about giving them a safe place to be able to just be themselves because a lot of times they will go through the school day and they kind of have to hide their beliefs, perspectives on things but also ignore the people muttering bad things about them. They have to put up with different comments, so just a safe place they can come together and have fun. Usually it’s informal unless we bring in a speaker”. My next question was, “You mentioned that you have speakers come in and I saw today is game day, what other days or things does this club do?”, Some days we watch movies, we were trying to go to this conference next month were they can choose different stations to go to learn you know about health, GSA and health because that’s a big area that they are ignored in at the high school is health because they teach from a heteronormative perspective  and so we’re really open to anything that they want to do like we try to make space or time for”.


Mrs. Laube then explained what she learned about the students, “What I found was, I used to have tons of organized events and I found that they just love to get together and talk. So I just kind of try to give them that space and they just love to do their own thing in that time, it works well”. She also mentioned what her role is here, “Also I guess my role as a mediator to other teachers, so like if a student in a class says something or a teacher doesn’t address a LGBT issue then I help educate that teacher about how to address it or I can come in and talk to a class but we don’t just ignore it or other things anymore. Like we don’t just shove it under the rug or pretend it wasn’t said, we’re no longer in that day so I’m a mediator if they have any issues with teachers or admin”. Another thing I asked was what her favorite part is about this cub, “They are very colorful not just to the rainbow but they are passionate and colorful, and you know a lot of the time they want answers but I can’t give them the answers but I just really like how enthused for life they are. They have a lot of passion for life, coming from a whole new perspective which is kind of fun”.


My last question for the interview was, “Does this club do or attend any events?”, “Umm yea, they do usually like to get together for gay pride during the summer so it’s kind of weird because it’s during the summer but we’ve also talked that we were going to find like rainbow stickers to hand out sometime. Last year or the year before, I can’t remember, we handed out these rainbow pins. We try to bring awareness to the school but yet not be overwhelming to the school you know what I mean, so we don’t want to be in people’s face all the time but we want to appropriately a few times a year generate support to our club and acceptance or at least tolerance but acceptance would be a bonus”.


In conclusion Mrs. Laube enjoys being the advisor for this club and she explained what the biggest goal for this club is, “I would say at the high school it’s more about giving them space to just be themselves and that’s the biggest goal at this point”.