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Madeline Hins

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Did you know that students at Farmington High School are learning to build websites? That’s what Web Genius is all about. Web Genius is a club at Farmington High School where students get the chance to design websites, and not just any websites. They are currently working on improving the media center website to make information more accessible to FHS students. Their main goal is to make it easier for students to find information on the internet. They are also working on making a new registration website for next year. Web Genius uses Google Sites, Drupal, Notepad++, Dreamweaver, and other platforms to teach students how to code and design. They also got the chance to join in on a board meeting at DCTC to earn more useful tricks.

Freshman Devin Hawkinson is apart of Web Genius and his interest sparked when he had to take a mandatory class in 7th grade and realized he was pretty good at web design. He stuck with it and joined Web Genius to learn new skills and meet new people. “I enjoy bouncing around ideas with each other. After a while of being in the group you get to know the people and they become your friends and you always have something to talk about.” When making decisions it can be tricky. Devin explained that different people have different opinions which can be hard when you like your idea the most.

If you are interested in a web designing future Web Genius is a good way to start. Tyler Rosenberg states “We can use this knowledge to put ourselves out there to be hired by people to make them websites. The communication skills will also be very useful further on.”

“You don’t need to know how to code to join. If you just have creative ideas for our pages that’s ok. I recommend taking programming, web design, and graphic design if you want to know a lot and be an active member.” Devin encourages. If you want to know more information or want to join, contact Mr. Pfau.

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