Farmington Faith Club


Bethany Lukasezck

FFC, is also known as Farmington Faith club which is a club for students to meet to continue to practice their faith in a school setting while in high school. This is an extracurricular club involving students from high school so it is separate from the state-funded public school due to religious policies. Farmington Faith Club meets every Wednesday mornings before school starting at 8:05 AM and goes until 8:40 AM. A normal meeting on a Wednesday consists of grabbing a donut, sitting by friends and diving into the lesson of the day. The variety of the lesson is different each week making it more enjoyable. The daily programs consists of breakout group sessions, worship songs, or guest speakers. Each day, the activities are tied to one underlying theme that ties everything together.


On average, there are about 15 to 30 members meeting each week. However they are always looking for new members. I got the chance to talk to Mina Freeburg, a sophomore and a member of the Faith club. She told me that “it is very easy to get involved by just attending our weekly meetings on Wednesday’s or coming to one of our events which are scattered through the year.” The atmosphere is very welcoming and always looking for more students who want to help immerse in their faith.


Besides meetings, the group participates in many activities outside of the school such as simple and fun get togethers, outreach programs and community service. Fields of Faith is one of the biggest events many people partake in. With lots of students attending the big event they have many activities to do. One of the the activities is having guest speakers and worship music. Freeburg explained how she first got involved by getting invited by senior friend Megan Bernu when she was asked to speak at the 2018 Fields of Faith. Since then she has been attending the meetings since and has loved it. She explained that “everyone in Farmington Faith Club is all super closely bonded so it makes it easy to get involved and attend the events”. The club also partakes in outreach programs moving the club from Farmington only to other communities.


Since Farmington Faith club is student ran, no student is above or below anyone. However there are some students who go above and beyond to help FCC become the best it can be. Some of students that stand out are Lexi Wolt, Julia Barton, Kailey Felch, Aaron Kruse and lastly Mina Freeburg. However they are all directed under Mrs. Laube who is the teacher leader keeping the group on track for growing their faith and excelling in high school.