Diversity Club: Meet The Office


Aimee Jimenez

Sydney Williams during the Diversity Club 2019 Potluck

Andrea Candelario, Staff Writer

I’m sure majority of us are or have been in school clubs right? We walk in and see everyone joined together but have you ever asked yourself is there a president? Vice President? If so… who is it? Well FHS’s very own Diversity Club has a set of amazing people in office as President and Vice President named Sydney Williams and Natalia Urquidez who deserves the spotlight for what they do for the club.

Both Sydney and Natalia have equally done good work for the club as they are our seniors. Sydney has been in the club since freshman year till now but as for Natalia, she started her junior year which was her first year here in Farmington.

Focusing on how Sydney got his job as President is by all of his work and experience being in the club which says and earns a lot. I asked him what he enjoyed about the Diversity Club and he responded, “I enjoy how everyone comes together and we talk about our cultures.” We all have our favorite moments and memories. Sydney listed that his favorite memory during his time in the diversity club was when the club went to ‘Bucca Di Beppo’ restaurant during his early years of high school.

Now speaking on Natalia’s behave, how she got the position as Vice President is quite an amazing accomplishment that happened so quickly. She explained to me, “Mr. Williams saw what I was capable of doing for the club and asked me if I was up for being able to be Vice President of the club.” In just her first year at FHS, she received that offer! I asked the same following question about what she enjoys about the club and it was very similar to what Sydney has said for himself. “What I enjoy about the club is the topics we get into when talking about our cultures and the fundraising ideas we come up with.” stated Urquidez. “My favorite memory so far was definitely last years banquet because it was my first banquet and I made so many friends since it was my first year.” when asked her favorite memory.

Both Williams and Urquidez are graduating in June 2019, which means new people in office. But I got to ask one more final question to them… “after you graduate, would do you want to see or hear about how the diversity club is doing in the future?” Both has similar wishes which were having the club to expand its work into the community, reach other to other schools with their diversity clubs and collaborate, have more people join the club, and most importantly have fun!

We all will miss Sydney and Natalia as our presidents in the diversity club and how much work and effort they brought into it and we hope a bright future ahead for them.