Shivali Choudhury


Katelyn Allbee, writer

Shivali Choudhury is a sophomore here at Farmington High School, although her high school experience is slightly different then most of ours. Shivali was born deaf but has not let that slow her down. To her. being deaf has helped her in life, “it taught me to be proud and love myself even more.” Shivali is not letting being deaf stop her from what she wants to do with her life, while she doesn’t know what what she wants to do after high school, she is making the most of her time here at FHS. Shivali has an interpreter here at school to help her succeed in all of her hard classes, her name is Caroline and she goes with Shivali and signs everything that the teacher is saying. Last year Shivali and a couple of other hard of hearing students had the idea of creating an ASL club. So, Shavali took the initiative to talk to Mr. Pickens who approved this club idea. Now she is the student leader of this club, she decides what they will talk about at their meetings. Every so often Shivali will send out a survey asking people what they would like to learn about during their meetings and then she creates things to do based on that. Not only do they learn how to sign simple things but they also learn about the deaf culture and what it’s like to be a deaf student. Shivali hopes that out of this club people will “learn and understand the difference between those who are deaf and hard of hearing” and “feel comfortable talking and signing to those who are deaf or hard of hearing.” Shivali was very excited to learn about the new ASL class that is scheduled for next year, she hopes to be able to pop in sometimes and sign with them and talk to them about any questions they may have. For those of you not planning on taking the ASL class next year or joining the club there is one important thing Shivali wants you to remember, “don’t stereotype us, some people actually can hear a little bit with some help.”