The Outdoors Club Takes A Hike


Catherine Switzer, Writer

This previous Saturday, February 2nd, on a surprisingly warm day the Outdoors Club took the weather into their own hands with a glorious Hike at Lebanon Hills. Not letting a week of absolute cold get the best of him, Mr. Howard was quick to act by setting up this hike right when the weather was right. The hike started out by a warm and comfortable fire at Lebanon getting set on where the journey would be headed, everyone received maps and a pair of snowshoes. Starting the walk they took a quick trot across the first lake frozen lake making it across to their first goal post where they would then scavenge across the eight shaped path while also going geocaching. With a total of 5 geocache around the hiking trails they looked thoroughly for each, not having much luck for the first few they moved on. Continuing their trip they crossed another one of the many lakes to a small rest spot where another fire happened to be lit. Resting up for a bit I happened to have asked Mr. Howard, “How often do you usually go geocaching?” to his response of “Pretty often actually, I like to go in the summer though since their easier to find without snow on the ground.” Along with more small talk they all finished their pit stop at the fire. Moving on throughout the trails there were few more geocache to be found not having much luck with the other two they came nearing the end when looking. Until they approached a thinner path close to the last geocache, “Between a knocked over split tree is where this one may be”, looking closely around I climbed a small hill near a fallen tree and looked through the snow. A small box was wedged between the tree and what appeared was the last geocache on the map and the first one we had found. Full of small treasures and a signing paper we looked through happily and quickly put it back covering it with snow and covering our trail. Finally ending the trip we neared the opening back to the fireplace and buildings. Taking a nice warm seat by the fire there was a collaboration about the fun spots and times hiking before everyone would be set loose. Having in mind that this may be the last time some individuals got to go snowshoeing this winter, every minute was savored and the ties were then cut. Ending the trip with great memories, until next time, from the great outdoors, The Outdoors Club.