American Sign Language Club


Katelyn Allbee, Writer

Did you know that Farmington High School has a American Sign Language club? If not that’s okay, it’s new this year! I got the chance to talk to Madame Deer the ASL advisor, who is very excited about this club. But she informed me that unlike most clubs at FHS this one is student run, by sophomore Shivali Choudhury. Madame Deer talked to me about how this club started, “she (Shivali) had the idea to start this club and her idea behind it was to help her peers better communicate to her and other deaf or hard of hearing people.” This is the very first year of the ASL club at Farmington, and it’s clearly doing well as they added a new ASL course for next year. Madame Deer informed me she will not be teaching that course as she isn’t licensed in ASL, so it will be taught be someone else. Although she does want to continue her education in ASL just not to that extent, for now she is going to continue to learn from videos and from her student Shivali. Madame Deer told me how this club and soon to be class is perfect for the more hands on type learners, it’s very tactile. Next year they plan on having this club both physically learning sign language but also adding more in about the deaf culture. When asked if they currently put any events in at FHS, Madame Deer told me “not currently but we hope to have some guest speakers come in either this year or next year, and possibly work with other schools around us and sign together to practice.” So if I have caught your attention and you are interested but maybe you think this club seems like too big of a commitment for you, just know that they only meet twice a week and you only come when you are available. If you would like to learn a little ASL but not necessarily join the class next year, don’t worry! This club is going to continue for years to come even with there being a class, so if you want to join just message either Madame Deer or Shivali and they will let you know when their next meeting is.