Robotics; getting to know the club


Morgan Lego, Staff Writer

Farmington High School has many clubs and organizations. One of the coolest clubs here is the Robotics club. These talented students are able to construct and program  a robot in a three month time period. Some people may think that’s easy, but from what I learned it is far from that. There are many steps to making the whole robot, lots of certain things it needs to do and it has to fit a certain design. One of the designers on the Robotics team told me a bit more about it, “Last year the robot had to be able to extend vertically to put a ball in a net and it had to be able to pull itself up.” Sounds easy enough right? Nope. There has to be a lot of programming put into it, like special commands and codes to make the robot do what the task is. All that preparation and time can add up, I asked how long they are there working, “5-6 hours of complete death. Nah just kidding. But we do have a stop building date countdown so we should know when that is. We also have a Duluth Regional countdown so we can prepare physically and mentally”. Says Raven, a sophomore at FHS. Sometimes all that time pays off, sometimes it doesn’t.

For the FHS Robotics team, their time and work has paid off. They have won a total of three times, two of those in the same category one in a different one. These competitions can be crazy, anything could happen. “One year someone’s robot completely malfunctioned and lost them the competition.” One of the club members informed me. I would hate for that to happen if you were already so far into the competition. During the final minutes in the club meeting, I had asked one of my friends that participated in the club what she liked most about it. “You get to learn more about the club itself, more about robots in general and getting chosen for certain jobs. All of the jobs assigned are all important to the end goal.” Says Abby, another sophomore at FHS. During my time there, I found it very fun and interesting. The good news is that they are looking for more team members! If you love science, technology, and robots then the Robotics Club is meant for you!