FHS Speech Team


Jayde Charno, writer

Want to get over your fear of public speaking? Well now is your chance. Joining speech would be just the thing for you. I interviewed Ms. Stout about being on the speech team, here are a few things you should know about speech. For being on the speech team you don’t have to audition or tryout you can just join it. Joining speech would be a great way to get over the fear of public speaking and it really does help students. One thing I asked about is what you would do in speech. Ms. Stout replied with “Speech is a Minnesota High School League activity, it works like a sports team and it’s competitive like a sports team. The students compete as an individual, they earn points as a team based on how the students do as an individual.” Speech is competitive public speaking. There are 13 different categories, some of the categories are more for acting and the rest are public speaking or public address. On the speech team this year there are a little over 30 students. I asked if they compete against other schools. “Yes they do, on Saturdays from February-March. They go to speech invitational and students compete against other students who are also in their category, there are three rounds and a final for the tournaments. Overall a tournament will have around 400 or more students in a tournament and the awards go to the top 8 speakers in that category. Speech again is like a competitive sport, they have a conference meet, a section meet, and a state meet.” Ms. Stout answered. I had to ask a personal question so I asked what her favorite part about being a part of the speech team would be. “Finding and helping the student find their speech piece because it’s like helping find a script, but also how they change and grow throughout the season. Her favorite though is when students are in speech throughout the years to see how they grow and how their confidence grows.” If you ever feel like getting over this fear join the speech team.