FHS Outdoors Club


BWCA 2018

Catherine Switzer, Writer

The Farmington High Schools Outdoors Club gives students the chance to get to do many out of the ordinary and out of the school events. Mainly operated by Mr. Howard; Ms. Cassem, Mr. Grove, Ms. Peters, Ms. Laube, and Mr. Johnson are admins of this club. Doing things like winter snowshoeing, rock climbing, canoeing/paddling, and nature hikes, this club is the place to be for students that love to be outdoors. “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” -Ralph Waldo Emerson, a quote provided by the club explaining the never-ending limits inside us keeping us all moving forward doing the things we love. This year the Outdoors Club was able to do a few activities and involve themselves in their community and the environment. They adopted a park at North Creek and performed a clean up bettering the park and the living things inhabited there. They also went on various hikes in more popular places such as Lebanon Hills, surrounding themselves by nature, explaining the experience as “Tiring but probably one of the coolest things I am able to involve myself in”, said by various members. This 2019 the Outdoors Club is proud to be hosting yet again another BWCAW Camping/Canoeing Trip, allowing students to go camping up north and canoe in areas remote to land you’d see around here. However only promising a spot to a limited amount. Moving into the new year of 2019, come take a hike, a walk, go canoeing, or even rock climbing, expand your comfort zone and join the crew of the Farmington High Schools Outdoors Club.