Mock Trial: First Set of Rounds

Jordan Keltgen, Staff Writer

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Have you thought of joining Mock Trial, Mock Trial is a competitive group that will help to improve on your public speaking. This is a great way to meet new people, students in this group try to win cases that are given to them and they compete with other metropolitan students.
 I got a chance to go and watch them on Tuesday the 8th of January where they started their first round. There are 3 teams, black, orange and white, they were competing at the Ramsey County Courthouse in St. Paul. I was watching the black team along with mock trials adviser, Mrs. Thomas. The black team was very focused and seemed pretty confident in their statements along with their questions.

 The black team won their trial which was very exciting, we waited for the other 2 teams to be done so we could find out if they won. After a little while, the other two teams had finished their trials and told us their outcomes. Out of all three of the teams, 2 of them won their trials and one did not however that didn’t stop the whole group from having a good time for the rest of the night. Just by being with this group for one day I could easily tell that they were all close and really good friends.

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