TLC Pizza Lunch


Morgan Lego, Writer

On December 19th, the Tiger Leadership Club (TLC) was selling pizza lunches for $2. The group is raising money for Toys 4 Town, an organization that provides Christmas toys for families who don’t have them or can’t afford them. Toys 4 Town is a sponsor for the TLC club, so raising money for them is the clubs way of giving back for the sponsorship. The following pizza places also helped TLC by contributing boxes of pizza from their businesses; Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Little Caesars, Ole Piper, Pizza Man, Dominos, and Pizza Ranch. They couldn’t have done it without them. It’s all for a good cause. The students had many different types to choose from with an assortment of toppings, some types of pizzas were picked over faster than others. Students also enjoyed being able to pick from the different pizzerias, some people liking other pizzerias more than others. Anna Klahr a sophomore here says, “Yeah all the different pizzas is a really good idea, people have a ton to choose from.” The pizza lunch was very successful, TLC will definitely be doing this for years to come. Not just for everyone enjoying the fan favorite food, but for the Toys 4 Town foundation to have some money for the company.