The Game Club

Bethany Lukasezck

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Have you ever wanted to join a group to meet new people while playing board games? If you answered yes, the game club might be the perfect club for you! They have taken steps to get the word out by posting on Schoology, however it is mainly just by word.The game club consist of student from the high school, however they have also allowed middle school students to come to get more people out. They are directed under Mr. Johnson, but he clarifies “we are all equal and able to do anything reasonably within the group.”The main reason for this group was to “get people out while having fun” as said by sophomore Lyle (Grant) Hoffmeister. The majority of the games they play are board game, with occasional games on the iPad. The group agreed that the most liked game is Dungeons and Dragons. In the future the group wants to have more space and more supervisors to be able to grow their group. If you are interested in the game club, you can attend their meetings in the chamber of silence after school on Mondays after school.

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