Mock Trial Reflects Back

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Mock Trial Reflects Back

Catherine Switzer, writer

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After the beginning of FHS Mock Trials stressful competitions, they take a step back to enjoy the results with their yearly potluck and Secret Santa. This year for their competitions it is said to be their best turnout in “a hot minute”, having their Black Plaintiff and Defense team place 4th in Novice. Just a strand closer striving to place in the top three where they can then earn awards.

Along with Black Team however Mock Trial consists of two other teams this year: White Team and Orange Team. A great opportunity they have this year is having enough members to be able to have three teams.

What (differently than your last set of trials) do you hope to achieve in your next trial? Micah Adams responds, “In my next trial I’d like to be able to adapt my closing argument a bit better for the situation than I have in the past”. Explaining his duty and responsibility not only he has but their whole team has to be able to do better for themselves and the people around them. All said and done with their first set of competitions, they set their bar high for what’s coming to them like high struggles, stressful trials, and competitive schools ready to use their side of the case against them.

Having their beginning of rounds being as close as January going into the new year, their time getting to sit back may only be a mere minute but they still know what’s coming to them. Captains Blake Peterson, Noah Johnson, Lydia Stark, Lucas Laden, and Nicholas Edmiston prepare themselves and their teams for the long but rewarding future of trials. So, to let it be known to the people on the hardships and time spent by the members of FHS Mock Trial, they know their jobs, their places and their effort put in to succeed.

Sending luck their way for a great turnout during their first set of rounds coming this January 8th at the Ramsey County Courthouse in St. Paul. 

Trials all held in St. Paul’s Courthouse:

January 15th

January 22nd

February 5th

Good luck Mockletes!

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