Winter Percussion


Katelyn Allbee, Staff Writer

I got the chance to sit down and talk to winter percussion adviser Matthew Clark. When we first started talking, he told me that he has been a part of the Tiger Marching Band staff for three years now, and this is his second year working with our winter percussion. He told me that he was very excited for the upcoming season as this is his first year as the head adviser. He told me that his main goals for this year is to improve on the quality of the music and just overall being more organized. During rehearsals they are focusing on technique and then they go into smaller groups to get one on one time with other students and Mr. Clark. “Each group works on their own twelve minute piece while I’m bouncing around checking in on them. I think that’s a great way to build build student collaboration, and being productive.” When asked how they perform, Clark responded with “We do more of a concert style playing at different competitions, where as a lot of other schools do it more as a winter halftime show for basketball games. A lot of schools are moving more towards the competition aspect now.” The competitions they compete at are normally all day, they play their twelve minute piece and then they get to listen to all the other schools perform. Are you thinking of joining winter percussion? Mr. Clark told me about requirements to join, “We aren’t teaching kids to read music, but its open to anyone that is able to read music. You don’t necessarily have to be in band or choir. There are a lot of non-percussionists in winter percussion, even a choir student.” So if your interested in joining you can either sign up on FeePay or head down to the band room and talk to Mr. Clark. Watch this video made by Mr. Clark for more information.