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Diversity club

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Diversity Club

Many students has many question about the Diversity Club, and don’t really know what it is about, and how the club really are. I got a chance to interview one of the Diversity Club Leanders, Mr.Williams.

What is Diversity Club?

The Diversity Club is a high school club that celebrate different culture, and background learning about the individual thing that make them unique in their own way, and its club that bring people together.

The diversity club has been in the part of the school club since the first start of farmington HS.

The every year the club has giant double the size, and some year tripple the sizes, because every students body has many different sizes of the individual.

Mr. Williams also talked about the club, and why it is important to him. Its important to him, because he wants people to  celebrate the differences.

He has a personal tight with the club, it’s a part of him which is to give as much as he can to help people to understand who they are as a person.

If any student interested to join the club you can, and are very welcome. One of the reason student at FHS should join the club is that, it’s intended them individual, and their wealth of  knowledge will grow, because of the people the you meet in different culture, and it can back to your life to enrich it, and to rediscovering who you are as a individual. Also the aftermath of joining the club can teach you, who you are as a person. Start to understand who you are, because of what you learned in the club. They will started to understand thing deerly that they are committed to things that they didn’t know before.


The activities that people in the club are doing is meeting with the diversity club with another school, plays, movies, having a different food groups and trying to understand the new culture of other food. The club are not limited to do anything, the activities can help connect students to know who they are as individual.


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