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Nicole Grundman, Writer

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This upcoming week Farmington High School is holding an event called Fields of Faith.  This event will be held on Monday, October 22nd at 7 PM on the Farmington High School turf.  This week the Prowler Press had the chance to catch up with a leader of Farmington Faith Club, Lizzie Phillips. When asking Lizzie Phillips what fields of faith is she explained, “It is a nationwide event and movement but the local program is organized by FFC. It is a student led ministry event, it is an event where students are invited to pray, worship, read the Bible and become more connected with Christ. The theme for this years Fields of Faith is perseverance.” When asking Lizzie Phillips what will happen at this event she stated, “There will be live music and a guest speaker Pastor John as well as four FHS students, Halley Weinberger, Julia Barton Spencer Mayleben and Mina Freeburg! The length of the event will be about an hour long starting at 7 o’clock on the high school turf. Bring lots of blankets because it will be a cold night.” Wanting to know more about this event, I asked Lizzie if this is a new event or not. She stated that it is a fairly new event and this is our fourth year having it at FHS, but many schools in the area have been doing it longer. I hope to see you on the FHS turf on Monday, October 22 at 7pm!


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Nicole Grundman, Staff

Hi I am Nicole, I am a Junior at FHS.  I am on the Farmington High school gymnastics team. I have been on the high school gymnastics team since 8th grade,...

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