GSA: Lexie Bray


Kjerstin Hall, Staff

Lexie Bray is one of the leaders of the FHS club, GSA.  I got the chance to talk with her about her experiences with it.  When I asked her what GSA was she told me that “the group actually just recently found out that GSA stands for ‘gender-sexuality alliance’ and not ‘gay-straight alliance’”. Lexie first joined GSA because some of her friends were joining it and she thought it would be fun.  Her favorite memory since joining the group was when Matt Little, a Minnesota state senator, came in and met with their group. Lexie talked about how it was cool to be talking to a person with a reasonable amount of power about something that was very important to them. For anyone who is interested in joining GSA, Lexie talked about how anyone who is supportive of the LGBTQA+ community is welcome to join.  Simply talk to any of the members or, Lexie even suggested, “sit in on a few meetings and you can decide whether or not it’s a good fit for you!”