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TLC Pizza Lunch

Lauryn Olson, Staff Writer

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In December the Tiger Leadership Club sold slices of Pizza at lunch to raise money for Toys for Town. Courtnie Turner, a member of TLC tells me that this event takes a lot of planning. “We definitely have to make connections because we need to get places to donate the pizza. We also need to make sure we get the word out to the students so we can profit from it.” The high school has many choices for the lunches, they even have a daily pizza line that luckily they shut down on the day of the pizza lunch to encourage students to buy from TLC. “The support from the staff is great, in a sense they help to guide everyone towards us. Mr. Berg is great at posting on Schoology to remind students of the event.” This year, TLC members and advisor Lisa Lipold raised $600 to donate to Toys For Town. That money was used to buy any extra gifts or necessities for the people who needed it in the Farmington community. “Being able to help in the community feels amazing, just knowing I was able to help someone out, it’s incredible,” says Turner. It seems everyone has this reaction after helping out through TLC. Jordan Pearson, another member of TLC, told me about how it feels to work the pizza lunch, “Serving the pizza can get a little hectic because we’re trying to get everyone their food as quick as possible so they have time to eat. We have plenty of options with different types of pizzas from different places everyone wants something different which gets us all speeding around the tiny little concessions area.” The pizza lunch is an event TLC hosts every year. This year they sold cheese, sausage, and pepperoni pizza from places such as Pizza Man, Pizza Hut, Ole Piper, Dominos, and more. With all these options it must be nearly impossible to resist! It’s a great opportunity for students to have a great lunch and raise money for a great cause.

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Lauryn Olson, Staff writter

My name is Lauryn Olson and I am a junior at Farmington High School. I play soccer for the high school and for REV soccer club. I am a student teacher...

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