Link Crew

Megan Vetscher

Link crew is a club where juniors and seniors help out the incoming freshmen to feel welcomed at Farmington High School! Link crew is ran by a couple teachers here, at Farmington High School. Some of the including teachers are Mr.Grove and Mrs. Snobeck. I got the chance to talk to Mrs. Snobeck and ask her a few questions on Link crew.

Q: How do you go about choosing applicants to be in link crew?

A: It is a process, it all starts with teachers recommending students and the qualities we look for are kindness, out going, very energetic and someone who would be/is a good leader. They don’t have to be a straight A students or a stellar athlete, we like to look for a variety of people with the qualities listed above, but a student does not need to be recommended to be in link crew by a teacher, they can also grab and application and apply to be a link crew leader!

Q: About how many students do you let in to link crew?

A: 130 students.

Q: What is the purpose of link crew?

A: The purpose is to help middle school students transition to high school, we want them to have a nice transition and be able to have a friendly face in hallways (Link crew leaders) that they can go to if they need help or have questions.

Q: Why can only juniors and seniors be in link crew and not sophomores?

A: We want someone who is comfortable with the high school and has experience being in the high school and knows their way around.

Q: Why should one join link crew?

A: It is a great way to give back to the school and a great way to have an influence on the culture.

With all that being said, being a link crew leader is a great thing to be apart of and a great way to make Farmington High School a place full of friendly faces. So grab an application and apply to be a link leader!