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FHS Blood Drive

Sydney Lukasezck, Student Writer

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Have you ever got the chance to save a life? By signing up for the Farmington Blood Drive here at Farmington High School, you could save up to three lives. On May 5th, students 16 and up were eligible to donate. John Jacobsson, a senior at Farmington High School was one of those students. “I wanted to do the blood drive so I can help save people’s lives,” John commented. “I’ve never given blood before and am pretty scared because they take a lot of blood.”  This year the blood drive alone collected 108 units of blood, saving up to 324 lives. John donated 1 pint of blood. “I didn’t like doing it because it hurt really bad,” John said. “If I got the chance, I don’t think I would do it again.” National Honor Society, a club exclusive to strong academic students who dedicate their time to volunteer work, holds this event twice a year for students and faculty who want to donate blood. Last year the blood drive only brought in 80 units of blood, saving 240 lives. However, this year they saved 84 more lives than last year. They hope to continue the elevation with the help of Farmington High Schools students and staff, because every drop counts!

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