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Fields of Faith

October 22, 2018

Senior Party 2018

Lauren Wolter-Buchman

June 5, 2018

The main entertainment at the end of the evening is a comedy group called comedy sports. They do not do comedy about sports, they make comedy into a sport. They will have various topics and bring students up to participate in a...

Gun Control

Gun Control

March 6, 2018

Simple Solutions to end Mass School Shootings

Zachary O'Brien, Writer

March 6, 2018

Divided appears to be the word that describes the United States today. Within this article there are a few solutions to hopefully make this country a little less divided. Ideas and statistics of mental health, the impact of gun...

FHS Drug Problem

FHS Drug Problem

February 2, 2018


Katie Etringer

November 26, 2017

Carol-O-Grams is a fundraiser that FHS Creates Change is throwing to help raise money for a village that they have adopted in Kenya. Their goal is to send a years supply of food to every person in the whole village. It costs about...

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