FHS Boys Track- Justin Gutsalyuk


Kellie Doherty, Author

Junior, Justin Gutsalyuk has been running in track since he was in 7th grade and loves it even more with every season that rolls around. This past season of 2018, Justin was chosen as one of the track captains and he says that was a very new, exciting experience for him. His favorite part about track is being able to see big results from the hours put into training “Hard work pays off”. I asked Justin what a typical day of practice is like, he said “A typical day of practice can be very hard, we run constantly for an hour or more and the heat can really be tough at times. Our workouts definitely take all the energy I have”. Justin is strictly a sprinter, he runs 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 400 meter dash, 4×100 meter relay, 4×200 meter relay and lastly something new for him just this past year, 300 meter hurdles. “My favorite race to run is definitely the 200 meter dash because my adrenaline is built up a ton before hand helping me run 100% during the race, I’ve been really successful with this race all season”. I asked Justin to tell me  a little more about 300 hurdles, he said “Hurdles aren’t particularly easy to just pick up, a lot of hard work and reps are put into being a successful hurdler. This event is all about your form, if you don’t have the correct form there’s no way you’re ever going to win a race. My form has improved so much this past season and I’m really looking forward to bringing my new techniques into next season”. According to Encyclopedia Britannia, “Modern hurdlers use a sprinting style between hurdles and a double-arm forward thrust and exaggerated forward lean while clearing the hurdle”. That doesn’t sound very easy!  The regular season is over, but is still in full swing! Justin made it to sections with his 4×200 relay team and advance into state on June 8th and 9th. I asked Justin what his biggest achievement was this season, he said “My biggest achievement this season was definitely winning all conference, this is huge for me. Also, making it to state is very exciting for me”. Justin says he has had a very successful season and is excited to be back and improve next year