This season in Boy’s track!

Isaiah Janz, Writer

This season in boy’s track will be an exiting one! Even though the weather may have created a bit of a slower start to the season, it is slowly picking up and the FHS Boy’s Track team has begun racing against the competition at home meets and at away meets. I caught up with FHS Freshmen Zac Janz to hear how this season has gone so far, and how he hopes it will turn out. Zac is a Freshman at the High School, which means last year he would have ran in Middle School track, when asked if he thinks this new track season will be different than last year he had this to say: “Yes, this season is going to be different for many reasons, from the competition being harder, faster and possibly better than I was in Middle School”.  There are many different Track and field events that you can participate in track, so I had just had to know, what events would Zac be participating in this season? “I’ll be in the 100 meter, 200 meter, relays, and I’ll really have to run them faster and better than before, but running in track isn’t really about outrunning the competition, it’s more about running against yourself and beating your own records” Zac said referring to how we should all strive to improve every year to get better. Zac said he is most looking forwards to setting new personal records for himself this season when asked what he is most looking forwards too in running track this year. With all this information about how fun track appears to be, I had just had to know, how does someone go about joining track? “All you have to do is show up to practice and sign up for events when the time comes” Zac said, so it’s apparently really easy to get started in track! I also asked Zac how often they practice, and he said this: “We practice everyday after school and on Saturdays, we have meets against other schools every week”. Track is a very involved sport, but the rewards of beating your own personal records and the thrill of running fast makes it worth it for Zac and so many others, which is why track is easily one of the more popular sports at the Farmington High School.