Boys Swim and Dive Manager Rachel Lentsch

Lexi Goembel, Staff Writer

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I got the chance to interview the Boys Swim and Dive manager, Rachel Lentsch. I wanted to learn more about Rachel herself and all about her managing the swim team. Rachel is a sophomore here at FHS. She spends her time teaching Red Cross swimming lessons through the Farmington Community Education and managing the boys team. This is Rachel’s first year managing the boys swim team. I asked her what made her want to manage. Her response was “I wanted to manage because I love swimming and I wanted to get a new and different perspective of it.” Rachel’s main role as a manager is to help the team with small things such as setting up for meets, helping those who get injured and also helping out with practice when a coach is absent. Rachel helps out the team as a whole as well. She helps them with techniques and doing the small things in the pool. At meets, she helps by writing down splits for swimmers to see their results right away. I then asked her what is her favorite part about managing. “My favorite part about managing is getting to see a new perspective of swimming and a team. Also it’s just fun to be able to see people’s hard work pay off which is much harder to see that happen when you are swimming alongside them.” she states. Rachel does have some swimming experience herself. She has been swimming with the Tigersharks Swim Club for five years and has been on the high school team for four years. I asked her if she planned to swim in college. Rachel’s response was “As of right now, swimming in college is not a major concern of mine. If I have the option I will but if I don’t have the option, I’m okay with that.”

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