Zachary O’Briens experience with Farmington Boys Hockey

Lauren Anton, Writer

I got the chance to interview former Farmington boy’s hockey player Zach O’Brien. I asked him why he decided to pass on the opportunity to play again his junior year of high school. “I dislocated my shoulder in football, an injury that occurred when I was a freshman wrestling making it difficult to perform at my best in the sports I love to play.” Zachary’s response was very heartfelt because I saw how much he loved the sports he played and to have them given up because of an injury must have been very difficult. I then asked Zach what he will most miss about participating in the sports he loved. “One of the things I’m going to miss the most is seeing my friends that I’ve gotten so close to since I started playing hockey in fourth grade.’’ Zach replied but he is very excited to hopefully heal in time for his senior year.