Managers: Boys Basketball


Courtnie Turner, Author

As the 2018-2019 basketball season comes to an end, I had the opportunity to talk to one of the managers, Paulina Montbriand, and get her perspective of this season. The first thing I decided to ask her was why she decided to manage in the first place. She said “I love basketball and I really miss playing it so I thought this would  be a great opportunity to still be around it! After joining last year I decided to continue doing it this year because it was so much fun; you become great friends with all the other managers, the coaches are hilarious, and I love the boys.” At every game, the managers are there to fill the water, take stats, and cheer on the team. Another question I also asked Paulina was what game was her favorite to be at so far and she said, “My favorite game would probably be when we played Eastview because it was a super intense game. At the end we were tied 57-57 but Jamer Shrum pulled out with a buzzer beater to give us the win!”. Every game is a different story, there are some lows and some highs but the guys always come out to win. They put in work everyday after school to get better and better. Lastly, I asked Paulina what her best memory was from this season and she said, “My favorite memory from this season was when we were leaving from an away game and Max Darrington was singing and dancing to Justin Bieber. After the dub!” Being a manager for the boys basketball team is fascinating because of all of the connections and relationships that you can make. The season is starting to come to an end, come support the boys!